Worship That Changes Lives

This book offers a balanced and wide-ranging approach to the relationship between worship and spiritual transformation.

Alexis Abernethy
Baker Publishing, 2008
Theological Vision for Worship and the Sacraments

In the context of secularization, postmodernity, and new approaches to understanding the world and reality, many churches have begun to consider alternative ways of expressing and enacting the mystery and wonder of worship.

The contributors bring a wide range of cultural, theological, and psychological perspectives to the subject, focusing particularly on the often-overlooked relationship between worship and spiritual transformation. The first section of the book considers historical and theological perspectives on worship and spiritual growth, while the second examines the role of the arts in facilitating that development. The chapters of the final section consider, from several perspectives, the results of studies of spiritual experience in worship (crossing both cultural and denominational boundaries).

This volume makes a unique contribution, at once practical and academic, to the contemporary discussion. The authors offer multifaceted perspectives on the importance of developing worship that encourages spiritual transformation in the community of faith.

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