Missional Worship, Worshipful Mission

A rich, fresh take on the meaning and practice of Christian worship

Ruth A. Meyers
Eerdmans, 2014
Theological Vision for Worship and the Sacraments, Liturgical Series

Too many Christians still think that worship is only a Sunday-morning activity done inside the church, while mission involves how the church engages the outside world. But Ruth Meyers argues that a dynamic relationship exists between worship and mission — that gathering as God's people includes at its heart our being sent out into the world in God's name.

Meyers explores this relationship by taking readers through the various parts of the worship service: gathering, proclaiming the Word, praying for the world, celebrating the Eucharist, and going forth to continue participating in God's mission in the world. In each chapter Meyers includes stories of worship practices in different churches and considers how the actions of worship relate integrally to mission.

Missional Worship, Worshipful Mission: Gathering as God's People, Going Out in God's Name emphasizes that missional worship is not a set of techniques but rather an approach to worship and congregational life in which God's mission permeates every aspect of what the church does.

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