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Everyday Faith: Possibilities, Limits, and Callings, with special guest Jeremy Begbie

Music and language form the backbone of nearly every public worship service, yet we don’t often reflect on the implications of this pairing. What is the relationship of music and language in Christian worship, and how might we best utilize them—separately and together—to give God glory and to form the faith of worshipers?


Friday, August 6, 2021 from 1:00PM to 2:00PM (EDT)


online event

Join us for an online conversation with Professor Jeremy Begbie of Duke Divinity School. Dr. Begbie will help us think more deeply about what music and language are and how they function in public worship. How do music and language complement and conflict with one another in our corporate gatherings, and how might we deepen our understanding and practice of these essential elements in Christian worship? How can we do justice to the primacy of the Word in worship while also honoring the immense powers of a non-verbal medium such as music? Dr. Begbie will be interviewed by Noel Snyder, program manager at CICW.

This is the fifth conversation in a five-part summer webinar series entitled “Everyday Faith: Possibilities, Limits, and Callings."

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