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Mid-Year Report 

The second installment of the grant funds will not be distributed until this report has been received and reviewed.

This report is to help you and our staff assess the progress of your grant—what you have accomplished, what you are learning, and what you need to accomplish. 

Process for gathering information for the report:  In whatever way fits the nature of your grant, gather 3-5 people who are involved in your project to evaluate your progress and learning. A Process that involves more than just the project director, gives us all a better sense of the progress of your grant, what changes many need to be made, and what plans you are making for the future.

You might ask questions such as:  

  • What are we learning about the nature of worship? 
  • What new questions are we asking about worship?  
  • How has the grant impacted our practice or habits of worship?

Final Report

This form is to help you and our staff to assess your grant—what you have accomplished and what you learned.  

Unspent funds 

Unspent funds from your grant should be noted in your budget report. According to the letter of agreement, you must generate a check for the remainder of your unspent funds payable to Calvin University and send it to us at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship at

Vital Worship, Vital Preaching Grants Program 
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship 
1855 Knollcrest Circle SE 
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4402