New Hope Presbyterian Church, 2022

Orange, California

To cultivate a youth worship culture that deepens their experiences of God, promotes a greater sense of belonging, and strengthens relationships among our youth.

Summarize your grant project and how it will address a need in your worshiping community. 

Because we see our youth disengaged in worship and longing for greater connection and relevance, we hope to implement a project that establishes a strong foundation for youth worship that deepens their relationship with God and each other in order to promote a greater sense of belonging, joy and spiritual relevancy. We seek to do this by nurturing faith and prayer, highlighting talents and building upon their interests. 

What two questions might you ask about worship in the coming year that will generate theological reflection and shape your project? 

  1. Are we effectively cultivating a worship culture that promotes a greater sense of belonging for youth in the church?
  2. How does self expression and creativity allow for a fuller participation in worship and draw people closer to Christ?

How will your project impact the worship life and habits of the congregation?

The energy, vitality and creativity of this project will nurture spiritual and relational growth for youth and their families. We believe that true worship enlivens and nourishes healthy congregations.  This project becomes an intergenerational victory in which the whole congregation will be able to identify how participating in worship brings purpose and meaning to deeper faith and witness. 

By giving specified attention to the spiritual development and growth of our youth, we will nourish a healthy congregation that engages worship with spirit-led leadership, values and norms, structures and processes, communication that reflects the values of the New Hope to let people know that they matter. 

What might be your greatest challenges (or challenging opportunities)?

It will be a challenging opportunity to help empower the youth of our church to trust their creativity in relating to God.  It will be challenging and exciting to have their voice at the table in the planning and engagement of worship. 

What do you hope to learn from the Grants Event and other grant recipients?

It is my hope to gain insight, connect with others and to learn new and vital information about innovation and creativity in worship.  The grants event will allow participants to reflect on and affirm Christian worship as we celebrate and embrace our faith, prayers, praise and the love of God.