Institutions we are affiliated with or partner with for events and projects

Calvin Theological Seminary

Calvin Theological Seminary prepares men and women for ministry positions of visionary leadership, by offering courses of study in preaching, worship, leadership, educational ministry, youth ministry, missions and church growth, pastoral care and counseling, all in conjunction with supervised ministry opportunities.

Center for Excellence in Preaching

The mission of the center is to serve pastors in the church and seminary students with resources and continuing education opportunities that will enhance preaching in churches everywhere so that God’s people may be fed through sermons that are thoughtful, deeply engaged in Scripture, and applicable to the challenges of today’s world. Through its website, ongoing seminars, and sponsorship of major conferences, the Center reaches out to pastors around the world. A new initiative of the center in partnership with the Science Division of Calvin College is The Ministry Theorem, which serves to promote an enhanced awareness of contemporary science and to provide resources and encouragement for engaging science in the ministries of congregations everywhere.

Christian Reformed Church in North America

The Christian Reformed Church is a denomination that has about 300,000 members in 1,000 congregations across the United States and Canada.

Seminars at Calvin

This program seeks to promote a strong Christian voice in the academy by addressing issues of current debate within various disciplines from the perspective of a deep Christian commitment and encouraging the production of first-order scholarship.

Reformed Worship

Reformed Worship is a quarterly magazine that provides practical help and support to worship planners, with ideas, tips, and nuts-and-bolts advice for planning, structuring, and leading your church in worship.

This website is a comprehensive index of 5,573 hymnals; 1,085,006 published hymns, scores and media files; and information from sources such as Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology, hymnal handbooks, and experts in the field.


Baker Publishing Group

publisher of books on key topics in worship

Calvin College Press

The Calvin Press exists to facilitate the publication of books and other materials (including digital media) that advance the program of Christian scholarship at Calvin College.

Eerdmans Publishing Company

publisher of the CICW Liturgical Studies Series and The Church at Worship Series

Faith Alive Christian Resources and Choristers Guild

providers of practical resources for worship planners

GIA Publications

publisher of CICW's Choral Music Series

The Alban Institute

publisher of the Vital Worship, Healthy Congregations Series