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Yongjiang Zhou

Yongjiang Zhou (周永姜) was born to a Christian family in Fujian, China.  She  received her education at China Conservatory at Beijing, China (B.A. in Choral Conducting), and Trinity Theological College (TTC) in Singapore (M.Div. in Church Music, 2010;  Th.M. in Liturgical Theology, 2013). Following graduation form TTC, she returned to China where she became a full-time Lecturer in Worship and Liturgy, Hymnology, Choir Training at East China Theological Seminary (Shanghai), the only seminary in mainland China with a sacred music department that enrolls students nationwide. In her teaching,  she particularly emphasizes the role of music in worship and Christian spiritual formation. 

Professor Zhou promotes the renewal of worship in churches throughout China through teaching, writing, translating articles and books from English, and holding Worship Symposia. She often attends international academic worship conferences in order to deepen and widen her knowledge of worship. She presented a paper entitled “Reforming the Understanding of Eucharistic Theology in  China” at Wurzburg, Germany in 2013, the first liturgical paper presented from China at a meeting of Societas Liturgica. 

Last Updated: 11/02/2021

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