Worship Theme

2018 Symposium

January 25–27, 2018 • Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

“Jesus Did Many Other Things As Well...”: The Eastertide Gospel 

It may have been the most significant six weeks ever. Because the Bible tells us that for 40 whole days the resurrected King of kings and Lord of lords was alive and walking the streets of this world. Amazing! You would think that the Gospels would have recorded everything Jesus said and did following his history-shattering resurrection. After all, what could be more important than what happened during those awesome days? And yet...we have only a precious few texts that tell us anything about what happened between Easter and the Ascension. Perhaps the message is that everything we need to know about Jesus and his work had been revealed well before God validated it all by raising the Son from the dead. Still, what we find in that handful of post-Easter texts reveals much about Jesus and the nature of salvation. At Symposium 2018 our main worship services will ponder these texts to see what they tell us about discipleship and what it means “to serve a risen Savior” who, through us, is still in the world today.

Plenary worship services

Luke 24:13-49: Road to Emmaus and Easter Evening, preaching by Leanne Van Dyk

John 20:24-31: Jesus Appears to Thomas, preaching by Paul C.H. Lim

John 21:1-14: Jesus on the Beach, preaching by Scott Hoezee

John 21:15-25: Jesus Reinstates Peter, preaching by Emmett G. Price III

Acts 1:1-11: The Ascension, preaching by Lisa M. Weaver