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Questions About Worship and Technology: A starting point for discussion

Quentin Schultze lists questions a church should answer when looking at the ties between technology and worship.

Quentin Schultze asks many questions here that churches should be asking. Author of Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age (Baker, 2002), Schultze continues to study technological issues that affect worship planning and leadership. After reading “all of the literature I could find on technology and worship,” Schultze offers the following list of questions as a place to begin thinking, not as an exhaustive list. Worship committees, elders, worship teams, and the growing numbers of tech support teams in worship would do well to take these questions a few at a time and discuss them in their meetings. Schultze will lead a discussion on these questions at Symposium 2003 (see inside front cover).