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Prayer for the Celebration of Ascension

An Ascension Day prayer during COVID-19 written by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, you emptied yourself of heaven’s riches and came to share our lot. You made yourself poor so that by your poverty we might become rich. Perfect in purity, you yet submitted to baptism like any sinner in need of cleansing. Perfect in fellowship with the Father and the Spirit, you yet sought the friendship of Lazarus, Mary, Martha, and the other disciples.

Word of God incarnate, wisdom from on high, you mediated at creation, pouring your self-giving love into the world. You mediated in salvation, taking our flesh, taking our pain, taking the death we deserved. You arose in might and have gone home from battle. You mediate for us now in heaven. You have ascended on high for us and for our salvation. We thank and praise you with tender hearts. Our minds do not grasp the length and breadth, the height and depth of your love for us sinners. Our minds do not grasp your unfathomable love, but our hearts hold it. Our hearts do hold it.

God of all providence, in Jesus Christ you give living water for the thirsty, bread of life for the hungry, the shelter of your wings for the fearful. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you for your mercy.

Dim in knowledge, I call to you: Christ, be my light. Cold of heart, I cry to you: Christ, be my warmth. Unsure at crossroads, I appeal to you: Christ, be my guide. Shine through the darkness. Always be my light, my warmth, my guide.

Lord Jesus Christ, your followers need you. Let whatever is ugly in us become small. Let whatever is beautiful become large. Let our fears become small. Let our confidence in you become large. Shrink our pride; enlarge our humility. Shrink our envy; enlarge our gratitude. Rise above our pettiness, O Lord Christ. Rise above our sorrows and fears, and let us rise with you.