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Nicholas V Kroeze - Carved Red Oak

A biography of liturgical wood carver Nicholas V. Kroeze.

Time to Worship

Carved red oak Advent candle holder 2002

The central theme of the Time to Worship Advent Log is the eternal purpose of God in Christ, designed in the shape of a cross to focus one’s meditation on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice.

The scenes are framed within cathedral like arches—the formal place of worship. The central arch is open to all sides, serving as a focal point, where the light of Christ’s presence glows, drawing our hearts to worship.

Twenty-nine candles are lit beginning each year on November 28 (lighting each arm in succession) after those gathered read from Old and New Testament selections.

Arch 1 Perfect Fellowship
Adam and Eve Communing with God in Eden

Arch 2 Covenant
Noah’s Altar after the Flood

Arch 3 Sojourn
Melchizedek Welcoming Abram

Arch 4 Provision
The Ram Provided for Sacrifice

Arch 5 Kindness and Faithfulness
Rebekah at the Well

Arch 6 Unseen Presence 
Jacob’s Dream of the Heavenly Stairway 

Arch 7 Deliverance
Miriam Celebrating the Egyptians’ Defeat

Arch 8 Tabernacle
The Glory of God’s Presence

Arch 9 Providence
Boaz Takes Ruth as His Wife

Arch 10 Commitment
Hannah Brings Samuel to Eli

Arch 11 War
David’s Deliverance from His Enemies

Arch 12 Hope 
Walking from Darkness into Light

Arch 13 Future
Justice and Peace from the Lord

Arch 14 Celebration
The Coming of the Messiah