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New Program Equips Students for Leadership in the Church

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship announces the establishment of the Ministry Leadership Cohort—a two-year program available to incoming Calvin students who show potential for leadership in the local church. The initiative, open to students interested in any major or field of study, is available beginning with the 2019 incoming class.

This story is republished from Calvin News & Stories.

“We are excited to offer this new opportunity to students,” said Joanna Wigboldy, program manager for Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW). “Whatever one’s chosen career path, we all, as Christians, have an active role to play in the church. We are confident this new initiative will help each student discover what it means for them to be a ‘leader’ in the life of the church, and equip them to do this work well.”

Students in the program will explore how their gifts and abilities intersect with the work of the church in service to God’s world. Ministry Leadership Cohort participate in signature learning experiences, take a leadership role in CICW’s annual Worship Symposium, and complete a manageable series of academic courses together, most of which are already part of Calvin's core curriculum. 

The signature event of the first year will be a spring break pilgrimage in which students explore ways to live into their unique identity and gifting in order to build the church and shape God’s world in their lived callings. Students also participate in a tuition-free for-credit summer internship course following their second year at Calvin.

Leaders say at the close of the two-year program, Ministry Leadership Cohort will be well-positioned to complete a congregational and ministry studies minor or to apply for other ministry programs at Calvin.

“Our hope is that this program will energize students’ passion for the local church, and will also equip and empower them to use and share their gifts in new ways as they help the communities they are a part of to flourish,” said Wigboldy.

Learn more about the program, including the application process, and how to recommend a student. 

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