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Job Description #6: Minister of Music, Worship and Fine Arts

The Minister of Music, Worship & Fine Arts develops the ministries of music, drama, dance and the visual arts and incorporates these in the worship of the church so that the worship of the congregation is enhanced to the glory of God. This ministry ultimately helps the church fulfill her God-given vision, “to help people from our diverse community grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other.”


The Minister of Music, Worship & Fine Arts should have a demonstrated track record of leadership in music and ministry. A college degree is required. Seminary or graduate study is preferred. The Minister of MWFA should demonstrate a mature Christian faith and commitment to the Reformed/Presbyterian dimension of that faith.

Qualities we desire in an ideal candidate are:

1. Leadership ability—able to work collegially with musicians, artists and other leaders, and pastorally with a diverse congregation

2. Theologically grounded—able to articulate a theology of worship that demonstrates a solid grasp of historic principles and contemporary issues in Christian worship

3. Musically trained—understands music from a variety of genres and generations, with particular emphasis on contemporary music (“praise and worship,” contemporary arrangements of traditional hymns and the music of the world church)


1. Oversee and resource all worship services at the church.
2. Plan Sunday morning services in consultation with pastors and worship planning team.
3. Supervise all paid and volunteer staff in Music, Worship & Fine Arts.
4. Personally direct some Music, Worship & Fine Arts groups in the light of gifts, and recruit, support and resource other group leadership.
5. Oversee sound and video equipment and staff.
6. Manage equipment, instruments and music for MWFA including copyrights and library.
7. Draft and manage the budget for MWFA
8. Develop MWFA in the light of changing resources and community needs.
9. Plan special and seasonal programs in MWFA.
10. Other responsibilities as agreed upon under the direction of the Senior Pastor.


1. The Minister of Music, Worship & Fine Arts is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
2. All members of the ministry staff are supported by and accountable to the Administrative Board of the church. The elder for Worship is the main link to the Administrative Board for the Minister of MWFA. The Minister of MWFA submits a written report to the Administrative Board for its monthly meeting.
3. The Worship Council meets monthly to give feedback and advice to the Minister of MWFA.

This is a full time position with a salary commensurate with experience, education and the salaries for similar positions in other churches in our area.