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Four Principles for Vocalists Leading Congregational Singing

Tips for leading congregational singing.

Many forms of worship leadership include the use of vocalists. Vocalists are worship leaders who often stand before a congregation to help the congregation sing. Vocalists frequently lead the singing of “Praise & Worship" music, but vocalists may also lead a variety of styles. In all settings, vocalists may benefit from four basic principles. These principles underlie the role of all vocalists who lead the congregation in singing.

1. The role of vocalists in worship is to support congregational singing. This principle emphasizes the practical task of vocalists. The goal of vocal leadership is to promote and empower the full participation of the congregation as it sings.
2. Supporting congregational singing involves musicianship and hospitality. Vocalists are practiced musicians; they strive for an excellent sound. But vocalists also invite the participation of all (musicians & nonmusicians alike) and avoid technique that might hinder congregational singing.
3. Musicianship includes preparation and practiced technique and style.
4. Hospitable leadership attends to the needs and capacity of the congregation.

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