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Cross (Ethiopian)

A visual symbol that can be placed on the cover of service bulletins, within the written liturgy, or on a large screen display.

Black and white .jpeg image for download. Color .jpeg image for download.

Description of Cross (Ethiopian)

This cross is based on an Ethiopian design pattern. The rhythmic interlocking movements of the lines symbolize our unity with Christ in his death and resurrection. The Greek cross in the middle has arms of equal length to remind us that Christ's sacrifice reaches to the four corners of the earth. During the Lenten season we focus not only on the darkness—the seeming absence of God because of our waywardness—but also on the presence of God and our unity with Christ, through God's grace of reconciliation and renewal, indicated by the empty cross and the design's entwined lines.

Scripture References

  • Psalm 139:23-24
  • John 3:14-16
  • Ephesians 2:15-16

Occasions for Use

  • Lent
  • All elements of worship
  • Confession and Assurance
  • Prayers of the People
  • Closing of Worship
  • Providence,
  • All seasons
  • Epiphany 
  • Advent
  • Unity of the Church
  • Weddings

The image is an original linoleum block print resulting from a printmaking process in which an image is drawn on a block of wood covered with a thin layer of linoleum, and then hand-carved to expose areas that will be white. Ink is rolled onto the block, covering the surface not cut away. Paper made from the mulberry tree is laid on top and hand rubbed with a Japanese barren or wooden spoon. In transferring the ink to the paper the resulting image is a reflection of the design placed on the block. It first appeared in the book Visuals for Worship (Faith Alive Christian Resources, 2006) which is no longer in print.

When using the image please include the following acknowledgment: “Linoleum block print by Elizabeth Steele Halstead."