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Bibliography - Children and Worship

A bibliography of resources about children and worship

Forbid Them NotForbid Them Not: Involving Children in Sunday School, Carolyn Brown
This series offers specific suggestions for prayers, litanies, sermon illustrations, and ways to present Scripture that will include children without offending adults. Although it is based on the texts of the Revised Common Lectionary, those who do not follow that lectionary can use the index to locate suggestions related to any Scripture passage. A great resource that truly tries to integrate children in the worship service without being childish or having specific "child" time.

You Can Preach to the Kids Too!You Can Preach to the Kids Too! : Designing Sermons for Adults and Children, Carolyn Brown
A must read for pastors! In this book Brown argues for making the "main sermon" more child friendly thus negating the need for children's sermons. Though she offers some valid critique of children's sermons she also provides helpful advice on how to do them well.

Making Worship RealMaking Worship Real: A Resource for Youth and Their Leaders, Aimee Buchanan, Bill Buchanan, and Jodi B. Martin
This book takes each part of the worship service, gives a short explanation and then offers several game/activity options to "teach" the topic.

Parenting in the PewParenting in the Pew: Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship, Robbie Castleman and Ruth Bell Graham

Is It A Lost Cause?Is It a Lost Cause? Having the Heart of God for the Church's Children, Marva Dawn

Children at WorshipChildren at Worship: Congregations in Bloom, Caroline Fairless
Not a typical church situation. This book might stretch you a bit; make one think.

Get Ready! Get Set! Worship!Get Ready! Get Set! Worship!: A Resource for Including Children in Worship: For Pastors, Educators, Parents, Sessions, and Committees, Sue Lou and Sylvia Washer
A fabulous resource for helping teach children about worship and including them in worship.

Including Children in WorshipIncluding Children in Worship: A Planning Guide for Congregations, Elizabeth Sandell
The first half of the book which develops the philosophy, reasons for, and how to's of children's worship is great! It includes some good practical suggestions for ways to include children in the worship event.

Young Children and WorshipYoung Children and Worship, Sonja Stewart and Jerome W. Berryman
The original resource book for the Children and Worship program. It prepares leaders to help children ages 4 to 7 experience and learn about God in a worship setting developed especially for them. Leaders learn how to tell Bible stories in an environment of reverence and reflection, encourage children to respond creatively, and prepare children to worship with the entire congregation.

Sunday Morning LiveSunday Morning Live: How and Why We Worship, Mary Sytsma and Jane Vogel
A great curriculum for teaching teens about worship

A Child Shall LeadA Child Shall Lead: Children in Worship, John Witvliet
A sourcebook for Christian educators, musicians, and clergy. A great mix of both teaching and practical ideas

Bridging Divided WorldsBridging Divided Worlds: Generational Cultures in Congregations, Jackson Carroll and Wade Clark Roof
helpful book-particularly the epilogue which gives the "blessing and bane" of various types of generational churches (traditionally rooted, gen-focused, or blended) in the end they argue for an intergenerational church as being the best testimony of our beliefs though they admit that such a church does not come easily

GenerationsGenerations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069, Neil Howe

One Church, Four GenerationsOne Church, Four Generations: Understanding and Reaching All Ages in Your Church, Gary McIntosh
excellent overview of the various generations in the church

The Multigenerational CongregationThe Multigenerational Congregation: Meeting the Leadership Challenge, Gilbert Rendle
helps leaders understand the generations they are leading and the dynamics caused by the presence of multiple generations in the church

Godly PlayGodly Play: An Imaginative Approach to Religious Education, Jerry Berryman

Family-Based Youth MinistryFamily-Based Youth Ministry, Mark DeVries

The Family Friendly ChurchThe Family Friendly Church, Ben Freudenburg and Rick Lawrence

Family Friendly Ideas your Church can DoFamily Friendly Ideas Your Church Can Do, Ben Freudenburg

Through Children's EyesThrough Children’s Eyes: 52 Worship Talks for Children, Ben Freudenburg

Celebrating the Church Year with Young ChildrenCelebrating the Church Year with Young Children, Joan Halmo

Sharing Faith with ChildrenSharing Faith with Children: Rethinking the Children's Sermon, Sara Covin Juengst

Take Me HomeTake Me Home: Notes on the Church Year for Children, Christine Kenny-Sheptutis

Homemade Christians: A Guide for Parents of Young Children, Nancy Marrocco

Children in the Worshiping CommunityChildren in the Worshiping Community, David Ng and Virginia Thomas

1,2,3 Church1, 2, 3, Church, Gail Ramshaw

Touch the WaterTouch the Water: 30 Children's Sermons on Baptism, Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna Liechty and Kenneth Wezeman

Taste the BreadTaste the Bread: 30 Children's Sermons on Communion, Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna Liechty and Kenneth Wezeman


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