Under the Wings of God: Twenty Biblical Reflections for a Deeper Faith

A seasoned Christian author reflects on multiple facets of the Christian life, such as the character of God, the nature of suffering, and how to live in humility. The book offers timeless insights into the joys and challenges of a life lived in the presence of God.

Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
Baker Publishing, 2023
Prayer, Devotions, and Study

Longing. Hope. Love. Fear.

These are just some of the experiences embodied in the infinitely rich Christian life. In Under the Wings of God, seasoned author Cornelius Plantinga explores these facets and more, reflecting on the joys and challenges of a life following God.

Rooted in Scripture, this book offers wisdom about topics including the problem of suffering, the nature of Christian virtue, love of God and our neighbor, longing for redemption and reconciliation, humility, and hospitality. Plantinga delves into hard questions with a calm and pastoral authority that offers the perfect antidote for the unrest in the world and the church right now. Each reflection is presented with a Bible text and a brief prayer, useful for personal devotions or small group discussions. Readers will emerge with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Christian life, equipped with timeless insights into the ups and downs of a life lived in the presence of God.

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