The Gospel in a Handshake

This book focuses on the grace embedded in the timeless liturgy and enables readers to create their own frames that alert worshipers to the character and purpose of various service elements.

Kevin J. Adams
Wipf and Stock, 2019
Worship Planning and Leading

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The Gospel in a Handshake: Framing Worship for Mission by Kevin J. Adams enables worship leaders to skillfully guide spiritual novices, skeptics, and Christian veterans to the grace embedded in the timeless liturgy. Offering winsome worship hospitality, these pages provide seasoned wisdom, often in the form of pithy introductions (Adams calls these “frames”) that alert worshipers to the character and purpose of various service elements. Readers get the tools to create their own frames, informed by the church of all ages, and customized to their congregation and neighborhood. This book will serve well anyone who wants to increase their missional worship IQ.

Watch this interview with author Kevin Adams and John Witvliet, held at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Worship and Witness

This book is the first one to be published in Wipf and Stock Publishers' new series called Worship and Witness. This series seeks to foster a rich, interdisciplinary conversation on the theology and practice of public worship, a conversation that will be integrative and expansive. Integrative, in that scholars and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and ecclesial contexts will contribute studies that engage church and academy. Expansive, in that the series will engage voices from the global church and foreground crucial areas of inquiry for the vitality of public worship in the twenty-first century.



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