Psalter Hymnal Handbook

An indispensable guide for worship leaders, pastors, or anyone interested in the history of the songs we sing.

Emily R. Brink, Bert Polman
Faith Alive, 1998
Worship Planning and Leading

Discover the stories and the many uses of your favorite songs in the 1987 Psalter Hymnal—and much more!

This handbook contains

  • entries on all 641 songs in the Psalter Hymnal.
  • information on the circumstances under which the songs were written.
  • biographical data on more than 800 authors, translators, composers, and arrangers.
  • tips on effective singing of the songs.
  • liturgical suggestions for when and how to use each song in worship.

Also included are . . .

  • entries on all the creeds, confessions, and liturgical forms, including background and liturgical suggestions.
  • articles on psalm and hymn singing from Bible times to today, including a history of worship and music in the Christian Reformed Church.
  • many indexes, indicating songs keyed to the Heidelberg Catechism, songs for use with the Revised Common Lectionary, songs with guitar chords, and more.

This resource is no longer in print by the publisher, but you can access it online here.

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