Letters to Growing Pastors: Reflections on Ministry for Coffee-Cup Conversation

All those who enter the pastoral ministry desire to succeed. Yet they all find, surprisingly, that a number of key issues come up for consideration. Most pastors find that most of these issues appear during the first ten years of pastoring. During those years the pattern is determined, which will point to the success or to the development of habits that will reduce effectiveness and produce stumbling.

Howard Vanderwell
Wipf and Stock, 2018
Preaching and Pastoral Leadership

In this warm, personal, from-the-heart book, a long-time pastor not only identifies twenty-one potentially harmful issues if not handled well, but he also provides counsel and direction in how they should be faced and handled. 

Pastors in small rural churches where ministry seems simple, and those in suburban churches which are a bee-hive of activity, as well as those in city parishes with new challenges every day, will all find fresh insight here. Ministries will be enhanced by learning from these issues that the author identifies. All will be grateful for the warnings issued and the advice given.

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