Let Us Draw Near

Drawing upon his experience in teaching this material over the past twenty-five years in forty countries, Ron Man provides a rich and deep examination of biblical worship, drawing principles out of a rigorous study of the text of Scripture.

Ron Man
Wipf and Stock, 2023
Worship for All Ages and Abilities

The Author also writes as a practitioner, from the perspective of one who served as a church worship pastor for twenty-two years. Features distinguishing this book from other similar studies include:

  • A tracing of the foundational Revelation and Response pattern through the Scriptures
  • A more thorough treatment of New Testament texts than is often found
  • A comprehensive treatment of the crucial role of Jesus Christ as the true Leader of our worship
  • A consideration of worship as it relates to world missions
  • A concluding summary of twelve "Biblical Principles of Worship," synthesizing the results of the study.

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