Leaning on the Word: Worship with Argentine Baptists in the Mid-Twentieth Century

In this latest volume in the Church at Worship series, Lester Ruth and Eric L. Mathis draw from a rich selection of primary sources to immerse readers in the worship life of Conservative Baptists in northwest Argentina from 1948 to 1964.

Eric Mathis, Lester Ruth
Eerdmans, 2017
Worship Throughout History, Cultural Diversity and Global Worship

Think mid-twentieth-century Baptist evangelism, and the figure that comes immediately to mind is likely Billy Graham. But far removed from the glitz and glamor of televised crusades, what did typical Baptist mission field evangelism and worship really look like? Combining historical, theological, and practical perspectives, this book offers a vital educational resource for Christian ministers engaged in or preparing for cross- cultural ministry, introduces readers to a worshiping community that may be unfamiliar to them, and represents a significant contribution to liturgical history.

This volume is part of The Church at Worship, a series of documentary case studies of specific worshiping communities from around the world and throughout Christian history — case studies that can inform and enrich worship practices today.

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