Jesus as Healer

Reflections on Jesus as healer though artwork and meditations.

Edgar Boeve
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, 2011
Visual Arts, Architecture, and Urban Planning, Prayer, Devotions, and Study

This 20-page booklet contains eight meditations on "Jesus as Healer" based on New Testament healing stories. The booklet is designed to be used for personal devotions or as part of a group Bible study. It contains scripture texts, brief meditations, and accompanying images based on the tapestry series "Jesus as Healer" by Edgar Boevé, professor of art emeritus, Calvin College. 

Free download (PDF).

Simon Peter's mother-in-law, Timothy Brown
Paralytic at Bethesda, Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
Demon possessed man, Leanne Van Dyk
Woman with a hemorrhage, Dewey R. Heetderks, Jr.
Jairus' daughter, Walter Arnold III
Deaf and mute man, Nicholas Wolterstorff
Man born blind, Randall E. Engle
Jesus healing the many, Jack Roeda

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