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The Darkness Has Not Overcome It: Preaching Advent's Light in a COVID World

An online class offered by Calvin Theological Seminary and led by Scott Hoezee, Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching.


Monday, October 5 - Friday, October 23, 2020


online event

Course Description

Advent and Christmas are all about light coming into a hurting world. In 2020 that light needs to shine at the end of a very dark year. Join Rev. Scott Hoezee, director of Calvin Seminary's Center for Excellence in Preaching, to explore how we might conclude this difficult calendar year and begin a new church year. We'll focus on how to proclaim the good news of the incarnation while taking full account of the dim and even dark realities that have surrounded us. In this course, we will explore the possibilities.

Series Description

Calvin Seminary is offering a series of new, short term online courses that are designed to support your ministry leadership amidst the ongoing pandemic. These online mini-courses are centered around key ministry challenges you face today.

With a commitment of four hours per week for just three weeks, each class is designed to fit alongside the many time demands and commitments that you already have. Though some courses may include optional live discussion online, you won't be required to be present for a session during a specific time. You can choose to audit the course or enroll for credit.

For more information this course and other courses in the series, please visit Calvin Seminary's website.