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Christian Witness and Ministry in a COVID-Shaped World

Three-week, relevant courses taught by some of the best Christian thinkers. These collaborative, online classes are for lifelong learners, university, and seminary students.


Monday, June 1 - Monday, July 13, 2020


virtual event (attend online)

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship is pleased to promote a robust list of timely online summer courses on how Christians in every area of society and ministry can faithfully respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic. They are offered through Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary—our institutional homes.

We have heard from people who have expressed interest in learning together in community with a trusted guide in order to discern faithful Christian responses to the COVID-19 crisis in a sustained, flexible format. These three-week, participatory courses are offered in sessions that begin on June 1, June 22, and July 15, 2020.

Audiences for these classes include

  • current university or seminary students at any institution seeking academic credit,
  • persons in any profession seeking continuing education credit, and
  • life-long learners anywhere in the world.  

List of courses: 

  • Archaeology, History, Disasters, and Plagues
  • Children, Family, Intergenerational Ministries
  • Christian Responses to Pandemics in Historical Perspective
  • Creation's Sabbath
  • Crisis Communication Practices
  • Embodied Discipleship in a World That Has Gone Virtual
  • Engaging Congregations about Faith and Finance Amidst Economic Crisis
  • Faithful Anti-Racism in a Time of Pandemic
  • Mental Health, Trauma, and Pastoral Care
  • Missional Engagement with Local Communities
  • Organizational Decision Making and Leadership
  • Pensar la fe en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas teológicas
  • Perspectives on Faith and Citizenship
  • Play and Sport in a Time of Pandemic
  • Practicing Mindfulness in a Time of Pandemic
  • Praying, Singing, and Humming the Psalms in Worship, Work, Pastoral Care and Ministries of Public Witness
  • Religion, Behavior, and Public Health
  • Ser comunidad en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas bíblicas
  • Ser iglesia en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas ministeriales
  • The Challenge of Technology and Christian Education
  • The Changing Dynamics of Life for Generations X, Y, and Z
  • The Changing Shape of Incarceration and Restorative Justice
  • Using Communication Media for Ministry

Courses will feature a mix of on-line lectures, interviews with leading experts, discussions with fellow learners, and interactions with faculty. Each course is offered asynchronously; you can engage with course materials when convenient for you. None have required prerequisites. 

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