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‘Beyond Cliché’ -- A Conversation with N.T. Wright about Christian Public Worship

All are invited to hear N.T. Wright and John Witvliet discuss Christian public worship.


Saturday, January 22, 2022 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM (EST)


online event

Consider this list of terms that we use to speak about public worship practices: a) worship, b) priesthood of all believers, c) praise, d) sacraments, e) preaching of the Word, f) psalmody, g) contextualization/inculturation, h) benediction, etc. Each term points to a rich, robust element in a Christian theological vision. And yet, each term can be used in overly simplistic ways--in ways that distort our vision. For many years, Tom Wright has been a master optometrist, correcting theological astigmatisms, and helping us refresh our language.

Join this Zoom webinar for an engaging language lesson as we learn to resist cliché and talk in ways that explore the depths of all that scripture has to offer. Registrants will be able to type in questions, for consideration in the last 30 minutes.Registration is $15 USD and facilitated through the Calvin University box office. Registration closes on January 20. Watch for an email on January 21 with the Zoom webinar link.