Hope College Campus Ministries

Holland, Michigan

Project Director: Trygve Johnson

To engage in a liturgical and theological exploration of the biblical language and metaphor of friendship as a resource for the spiritual growth of the college community and for exploring issues of worship and justice.

Summarize your grant project and how it will address a need in your worshiping community.

Our project seeks to address a need in our college community to develop a thicker theological vision of friendship, that would directly impact our worshipping lives -- as we sing together, listen to the Word together and come to the table together!  College students live and die by the friendships they form (or don't) and casting a vision for how Jesus (in the midst of the Triune God) is their friend we hope will open up new vistas of possibilities in their relational lives. 

What two questions might you ask about worship in the coming year that will generate theological reflection and shape your project?

How does our theological vision for friendship in form how we come to the table together, and hopefully from their live our lives of service! 

How would a more profound theological vision of friendship challenge our imaginations for worship to be a greater place of hospitality for the nations and those of all abilites? 

How will your project impact the worship life and habits of the congregation?

We really want to root our project in both the fellowship we have in the context of worship and how our theology of friendship effects our life together at God's table. If we can weave the powerful affections of friendship in the lives of college students as a significant metaphor for their relationship with God than the 130+ times of worship that experience every year will radically reshape how they view God and their relationships in the world! 

What might be your greatest challenges (or challenging opportunities)?

College students have deeply ingrained theologies of friendship (for better and worse!), and we aren't sure how successful we will be to reframe friendship as a significant metaphor for discussion our relationship with God. As chaplains friendships live in a different space! It will be a wonderful challenge to engage our students in this project! 

What do you hope to learn from the Grants Event and other grant recipients? 

We especially hope to connect with other grant projects taking place on the context of colleges and universities!