Art Exhibits

January 25–27, 2018

The Calvin Symposium on Worship is grateful for the generous participation of the Calvin Center Art Gallery who is hosting the following art exhibitions during the conference.


The Beautiful (Gallery 1 and 2)

In his essay “The Weight of Glory,” C. S. Lewis suggests that beauty comes to us as “brightness, splendour, and luminosity.” Encounters with beauty invite us to pause and consider the nature and meaning of our material world and the one who created it all. In the shadow of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace there exists what some describe as a “broken beauty” — beauty that still captures heart and mind but contends with the fallenness of our world. This exhibit gathers more than 35 contemporary works of art executed in a variety of media and genres that bear witness to beauty as it appears to us in the complex landscape of contemporary culture. The Beautiful will open at Calvin’s Center Gallery in conjunction with the 2018 Calvin Symposium on Worship. (Artworks shown above: Voytenko, Huckaby, and Forsythe)

Liturgical banners (Hallway gallery)

Designed by Machelle Knochenhauer of Second Christian Reformed Church, Grand Haven, Michigan, with initial construction begun by attendees at Symposium 2017. The banners were completed with members of Second CRC. They are intended to celebrate the order seen in creation and challenge viewers to take a renewed look at the world. The black and white images were photographed by Machelle and then overlaid with geometric patterns and printed on fabric.