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What I Wish My Pastor Knew About: Sustainability and the Environment - from Ministry Theorem

Climate Change, Sustainability, and our Future: Explore changes on the earth and what they may mean.

Ken Piers

Sustainability will be one of the key issues, if not the preeminent issue, facing humanity in this century. Increasingly scientists, cultural commentators, journalists, and even some of our economists and political leaders are raising doubts about the survivability of modern civilization. Economic growth and expansion of human opportunity can no longer simply be assumed. Instead, we hear the opposite. Collapse is a word that is increasingly on the tongues of those who view our present pathway as unsustainable. In this essay I want to explore some of the reasons why these commentators have such a jaundiced view of the future of modern civilization and try to present some of the options we have for avoiding the collapse that some foresee.

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