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Virtual Choir for Worship Symposium 2021

Consider joining a virtual choir, led by composer Marty Haugen, to sing in a virtual choir for Worship Symposium 2021. Submit your recording by November 30, 2020.

The virtual choir will contribute to an anthem that will be used in a worship service during the Calvin Symposium on Worship 2021. 

This global choir will sing Marty Haugen's "Neither Death nor Life" (GIA Publications, Inc., 2001).

The choir is limited to 200 participants. Updated: Due November 30, 2020. If you have questions or issues submitting, please email Rebecca Snippe


Download the score (pdf). This score is for this choir only. If you'd like to use it in the future, please purchase from GIA Publications, Inc.

Instructions about the score: 

Please sing in parts throughout. Follow the road map highlighted in the score and as follows:

Refrain 1: All in parts
Stanza 1: All on the "oh" and "ah"; solo on the solo line
Refrain 2: All in parts
Stanza 2: All on the "oh" and "ah"; solo on the solo line
Refrain 3: All in parts
Stanza 3: All on the "oh" and "ah"; solo on the solo line
Refrain 4: All in parts
Stanza 4: All on the "oh" and "ah"; solo on the solo line
Refrain 5: All in parts
Stanza 5: All on the "oh" and "ah"; solo on the solo line
Refrain 6: All in parts
Stanza 6:  All in parts
Refrain 7: All in parts in the language of your choice

Pronunciation Guide: 

  • "Neither" should be pronounced as "neeether"

Practice Tracks: 

Soprano Practice Track
Alto Practice Track
Tenor Practice Track
Bass Practice Track

Instructions for Recording:

Please read these instructions for recording carefully. 

Submission process: 

Please submit via Google Form by Monday, November 30 at 5pm EST.

Questions? Email Rebecca Snippe 


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