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Philippines - Slideshow

A slideshow of worship from a trip to the The Philippines.

In August 2006, a team of Nine people from Calvin College and Seminary participated in a trip organized and sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship to the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. The purpose of the trip was to attend and participate in worship conferences with significant contributions of Asian voices of scholars, theologians, pastors and musicians.

The learning and encouragement were mutual and equally valuable as we worshiped and prayed together with faithful brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe, and listened to each others' stories, songs and struggles.

In the Philippines and Singapore, we collaborated with several institutions, including churches and seminaries, to conduct a Symposium on Worship. In Indonesia, while we did not organize a Symposium ourselves, we had the privilege of attending and participating in the First Annual Conference on Worship organized by the Christian Church in Indonesia (GKI). In all three countries we encountered many gifts and talents, a deep desire for learning and fellowship, and overwhelming hospitality.