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Orthodox Presbyterian Church Worship Snapshot

A Guide to Worship Resources

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The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was founded in 1936 by J. Gresham Machen, previously an outstanding theologian of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. The church is a member of the International Conference of Reformed Churches.

Official Documents on Worship

Key Worship Resources

Denominational Hymnals

  • Trinity Hymnal, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1961
  • Trinity Hymnal, Great Commission Publications (in collaboration with the Presbyterian Church in America), 1990

General Background and Statistics

Website: Orthodox Presbyterian Church
 North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council, International Conference of Reformed Churches
Origin: June 11, 1936
Mergers: N/A
Separated from: Presbyterian Church in the USA, 1936
Separations: Bible Presbyterian Church, 1938
College: No denominationally-affiliated colleges.
Seminary: The Orthodox Presbyterian Church does not have a denominationally-affiliated seminary, nor does it require attendance at any particular seminary.
Congregations: 270 (Association of Religion Data Archives)
Members: 20,555 (Association of Religion Data Archives)
Publication(s)New HorizonsOrdained Servant Online: A Journal for Church Officers
Denominational Offices

607 Easton Road Ste E2
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-830-0900


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