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Learning from the 2013 Vital Worship Grants Advisory Board and Staff

Outlines of the plenary talks given by the Vital Worship Grants Program advisory Board and staff from Grant Colloquium June 2013.

At the June 2013 Colloquium for CICW grant recipients, several members of the Worship Grants Advisory Board and staff of CICW offered brief presentations related to worship and their own research or ministry.  These wonderfully helpful talks were interspersed in the plenary sessions and were greatly appreciated by those attending.  The speakers have graciously agreed to share what they spoke about in writing.  The contributions linked below are in several different formats—a pastor's blog, a professor's outline, a manuscript of a presentation, key points to remember, and a full article on a given topic.  We hope you will find them as helpful as we did at the Colloquium!