Learning from the 2012 Vital Worship Grants Advisory Board

In this series of videos, we sat down with some members of our current advisory board to get their insights and advice on applying for a vital worship grant.

One of the key components of the Vital Worship Grants Program is our grants advisory board which is made up of pastors and worship scholars from a variety of places and Christian traditions.  Each member of the grants advisory board reads each grant proposal and together they meet to discuss and make recommendations about grant selections.

In this series of videos, shot in the summer of 2012, we sat down with some members of the advisory board to get their insights and advice on applying for a worship grant. We think what they had to say is interesting and informative, and we hope it will be helpful to you as you consider applying for a grant.

Please note that in the video clips, references will be made to "worship renewal" and "worship renewal grants," since that was the name of the Worship Institute's grants program from 2000 to 2012.  In those years, over 600 grants were given to support a variety of worship renewal projects in churches, schools, seminaries, and other worshiping communities across the continent. We still believe strongly in the renewal of worship, but have renamed the program "Vital Worship Grants Program" for the years ahead.

James Abbington on how grants are selected

Joyce Zimmerman on being clear and focused

Duane Kelderman on the value of creating a proposal

Joyce Zimmerman on collaboration and community

William Johnston on the value of the Colloquium

Doug Brouwer on the value of renewal for pastors and leaders