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Kinesthetic Prayer: An Example with the "Prayer for the Holy Spirit's Illumination"

An idea for making large-group prayer more meaningful.

Keith Tanis

What Can You Do to Make Large-Group Prayer More Meaningful? Use kinesthetic prayers or interpretive signing. If a person cannot move his or her hands for prayer, ask whether you may help. Motions to the “Prayer for the Holy Spirit’s Illumination” are described here:

God be in my mind (touch forehead)
and in my mouth (touch mouth)
and in my heart. (touch heart)

Be on my left hand (touch left side of chest)
and on my right hand. (touch right side of chest)

May the words of my mouth (reach with outstretched hands)
and the meditation of my heart (touch heart)
be acceptable in your sight (reach outstretched hands up)
through Jesus Christ our Lord. (raise finger skyward)

Amen! (Clap hands together)