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In Trust

In Trust, a nonprofit membership organization, supports North American theological school boards and administrators through various services.

Overview:  Founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1995, In Trust is a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening boards and governance in North American theological schools -- Roman Catholic, mainline and evangelical Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox. Our most visible service is the quarterly In Trust magazine, which is mailed to administrators and board members of every accredited theological school in North America. In Trust's Governance Mentors also engage with boards and presidents directly, often using assessment instruments developed by In Trust just for theological school boards. More than 180 institutions, including freestanding seminaries and theological schools, universities, denominational offices, and faith-based organizations, are paying members of In Trust.

Mission: In Trust, a servant of the churches, educates and assists boards and others entrusted with governing North America's theological schools for more faithful, informed, strategic, and productive leadership.

The thinking behind the mission: At In Trust, we believe that theological schools depend on people who govern -- boards, presidents, faculty, and others -- to accomplish their mission of preparing clergy and lay leaders for the church.

Given the variety in theological schools, both general and customized education about shared governance is a continuing need.