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A Choral Reading: "I Believe in the Resurrection"

This choral reading was written by Ed Baker and adapted by Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence.

“I Believe in the Resurrection”

This was written by Ed Baker and published in Reformed Worship.  It was adapted as a choral reading for 11 people by Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence.

Note: One member of the group will need to gesture (raise an arm, perhaps) to the screen for the “I believe in the resurrection” portions so that the congregation knows when to say the refrain. There will be a small pause before the refrain, especially at the beginning, as the congregation gets used to the cadence of this reading.

Staging Note: Because this is for 11 readers, it may be interesting to space readers out throughout the congregation; readers would remain seated until their individual turn to speak, then stand and remain standing (perhaps moving toward the front?) for the duration of the reading. Reader One, then, may stand close to the screen to gesture for the refrain.

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

ONE: I believe that Jesus died on the cross, his hands and feet held to the wood by metal spikes.

TWO: I believe that his body was pierced by the soldier’s spear, and even the sun was darkened as all creation grieved the death of God’s eternal Son.

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

THREE: I believe that Jesus’ body was placed in a borrowed tomb, where it lay for three days.

FOUR: I believe that the power of God, his heavenly Father, brought life to his dead body and rolled the stone away from the entrance so all might see that Jesus was no longer there.

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

FIVE (woman): I believe that the unbelievable story of the women was true, just as the angel had announced: “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.”

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

SIX: I believe that there is no force in the universe that could stop, hinder, contain, or successfully oppose the risen Savior, my Lord, Jesus Christ.

ONE: No nails are long enough to hold him to any cross unless he wills it to be so.

THREE: No tomb can be sealed so tightly—by Pilate or Herod, or Caesar himself.

FOUR: Were there an army of a thousand men guarding the tomb, it would make no difference.

SEVEN (man): Jesus said he would lay down his life and take it up again.

ONE-ELEVEN: And he did.

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

EIGHT: I believe that Jesus appeared to

ONE-ELEVEN: eleven

EIGHT: discouraged, defeated, demoralized disciples in a room where the doors were locked and all hope was lost.

TWO: I believe that when he showed them his nail-pierced hands and his spear-pierced side, they fell at his feet and cried out,

ONE-ELEVEN: “My Lord and my God!”

NINE: I believe that in the days that followed, hundreds saw him alive. All their doubt was removed; their fear was gone. What could the world do to them? Jesus was alive.

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

TEN: I believe that Jesus lives today—as powerfully and perfectly alive as he was two thousand years ago, and for all time past and yet to come.

ELEVEN: I believe he empowers his followers to follow in his footsteps, fight the forces of evil, and find their peace and joy and eternal hope in him.

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.

FIVE & SEVEN: I believe that Jesus calls women, men, and children to join him in changing the world, one heart and life at a time, starting with their own.

EIGHT: One day soon, he will come again on the clouds of heaven with an army of celestial warriors whose numbers are beyond counting and whose power is beyond imagining.

SIX: Then Jesus will establish his eternal kingdom, where there will be no more soldiers

NINE: or spears

TEN: or sepulchers

ELEVEN: or battles

NINE: or bleeding wounds

TEN & ELEVEN: or crosses.

ONE-ELEVEN: I believe all this because

ALL: I believe in the resurrection.



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