Praise God in the Heights

Descants for use with "Lift Up Your Hearts" hymnal

Larry Visser
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, 2015
Music and Congregational Singing

Free download (pdf).

The descants included in this collection were composed during the summer of 2014 as part of a sabbatical project in Larry Visser's position as Minister of Music and Organist at LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The recently published hymnal Lift Up Your Hearts: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Faith Alive Christian Resources (c) 2013) is the primary hymnal used by LaGrave’s congregation.

Praise God in the Heights is a collection of original descants for use with the hymnal, Lift Up Your Hearts. Even though this descant collection is a free resource and not to be sold, you may not reproduce it without permission or appropriate copyright licensing. Those accessing this material online may download the material and make one copy. Those accessing the material in print may use the bound copy.

For any further copies, you must use the appropriate license through CCLI or, or contact the copyright holder as indicated in the credit line at the bottom of the page. When making copies of a hymn covered by a copyright license, put your license number on the copy and report according to the CCLI or guidelines. If you do not own the appropriate licence, please contact the copyright holder(s). You can find the contact information for the copyright holders(s) at

Our arrangement with the copyright holders of this collection stipulates that any time you make a copy (or multiple copies) from the original print copy, or print additional copies from your computer, you must use the appropriate licensing or seek permission. The publishers and composers have graciously allowed us to offer this collection to you at no charge. Please honor their request by seeking permission or using the appropriate license regarding any reproductions of this music. We suggest printing one copy and putting in a binder for your use. 

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