Grants Event Preparation


At the Grants Event, grant recipients will explore the implications of vital worship, learn about grant administration, and discover ways to empower and engage people in their project. Grantees will network and learn from the experiences of current and previous grant recipients. All grant project directors of projects finishing their year will join new grantees to communicate the results of their work and discuss ideas for disseminating insights from their projects to larger audiences.

Contact Information for Travel

NOTE for JUNE 2022: The Grants Event will be held virtually due to the ongoing global pandemic; grant recipients will not need to travel to Grand Rapids.

Be prepared to give contact information on the project director and the team member who will travel to Grand Rapids with the project director.

CICW will cover all travel, lodging, and food expenses for the three-day event.

One Page Summary for Vital Worship Grants Event

Due May 20 for those starting their grant project  
Due May 8 for those completing their grant project

You will receive email instructions for submitting your summary using the Grants Management System.

Create Learning Artifact 

Due May 22 for those completing their grant project 

Only those returning for their second Grants Event are required to create a Learning Artifact.  

You may select one of three options for sharing your learning with other grantees:   

  •     Video   
  •     PowerPoint   
  •     Poster   

Whichever option you choose, we ask that you follow these parameters:  

  • To focus your artifact, please include only three sections:   
    1.  Project Summary    
    2. What we have learned   
    3. Highlights of our year    
        • Don’t try to communicate everything! This is a snapshot of your project. You’ll have the opportunity to speak more in-depth about your project at the grants event.    
        • Include pictures!     

         Please use the following guidelines for preparing your Learning Artifact:   

        • Video
          • 3 minutes max 
          • Horizontal image, 16 by 9 ratio (an iPhone will do just fine!)   
          • 1080p or higher preferred   
          • Lighting:    
            • make sure the video is evenly lit   
            • avoid windows or lights directly behind you.   
              • Sound:    
                • Do your best to record in a quiet environment – if possible, temporarily turn off heating or air conditioning systems to eliminate air handling noise.    
                • If recording audio using a smartphone, iPad, or external microphone, place the device or microphone 9 to 12 inches from your mouth, directly in line with the direction you are speaking.    
                • PowerPoint   
                  • 3-15 slides   
                  • 3 minutes max, if narrated    
                    • Poster    
                      • Below are poster templates to choose from. Download and add your own photos and text. We encourage you to add photos that capture or “tell the story” of your grant year particularly well. 

                    Learning artifacts will be available for preview to all grantees on the CICW website beginning June 1. Please note that these are public webpages.    

                    Blue background June 2019 Green background June 2019
                    Blue Poster Template Green Poster Template
                     Gray background June 2019
                     Purple background June 2019
                    Gray Poster Template Purple Poster Template
                    Blank background June 2019
                    Poster Sample 2
                    Blank Template (add your own photo background - designed for a dark photo)
                    Sample of blank template with added background photo (text box location and text color can also be changed)