Grants Event Preparation


At the Grants Event, grant recipients will explore the implications of vital worship, learn about grant administration, and discover ways to empower and engage people in their project. Grantees will network and learn from the experiences of current and previous grant recipients. All grant project directors of projects finishing their year will join new grantees to communicate the results of their work and discuss ideas for disseminating insights from their projects to larger audiences.

Please review “Timeline” dates to mark your calendar.

Contact Information for Travel

Be prepared to give contact information on the project director and the team member who will travel to Grand Rapids with the project director.

CICW will cover all travel, lodging, and food expenses for the three-day event.

One Page Summary for Vital Worship Grant Event

You will receive email instructions for submitting your summary using the Grants Management System.

Create Poster

Only those returning for their second Grants Event are required to create a poster. We recommend that you download a poster template to create your 32x40 inch poster. You will add your own photos and text. We encourage you to add photos that capture or “tell the story” of your grant year particularly well. Rearrange them to create your own look. Feel free to change the color of the poster background or text boxes but watch that you maintain the readability of the text.

Please do not change location of the header and footer. We would like some consistency between all the posters at the event. The text under the main headers (summary, what we’ve learned, and highlights) can be bullet points - you want enough space for your photos! If you find the need to shrink font size in order for it to fit, edit instead.

We will print the posters and have them waiting for you prior to the Poster Session at the Grants Event. After the event you will be able to bring them home to share with your community.