Grants Event Preparation


At the grants event, teacher-scholars will explore the implications of vital worship, learn about the administration of Vital Worship Grants, and connect with the recipients of worshiping community grants. They also will network and learn from the experiences of current and previous grant recipients. Teacher-scholars finishing their year will join those beginning their projects to communicate the results of their work and discuss ideas for disseminating insights from their projects to larger audiences. 

Contact Information for Travel

NOTE for JUNE 2022: The Grants Event will be held virtually due to the ongoing global pandemic; grant recipients will not need to travel to Grand Rapids.

Be prepared to give contact information on the teacher-scholar serving as project director and any other team members and assistants who will travel to Grand Rapids for the grants event. 

CICW will cover all travel, lodging, and food costs for the three-day event. 

One Page Summary for Vital Worship Grants Event.

Due May 20 for those starting their grant project  
Due May 8 for those completing their grant project

You will receive email instructions for submitting your summary using the Grants Management System.

Prepare Webinar Presentation

We are eager for you to share what you have learned at the June Grants Event. Teacher-Scholar webinars have been a high point of previous two Grants Events, and we are looking forward to hearing what you have learned in your research projects.   
During the June Grants Event we will be offering zoom webinars in which a moderator will facilitate 3 or 4 teacher scholars in discussion of your research. You will each be able to present a brief TED-type talk for 9 minutes, and then engage in discussion with the moderator, other teacher scholars, and with questions posted in the chat by attendees.  
You may accompany your presentation using PowerPoint or another presentation software to accompany. We ask that you share this presentation with us, so that we may post it as a learning artifact on our website after the event.