Step 4 - Send

2018 Proposals are due January 10, 2018 

Your final step is to review the checklist and submit your proposal materials. Print this page or download the checklist for your convenience.

Checklist (pdf) »

Review the following checklist:

checkbox  Explored with a team resources on vital worship. (step 1)

checkbox  Identified key aspects of worship we would like to work on. (step 2)

checkbox  Reviewed timeline and decided this year was right for sending in a proposal. (step 3)

checkbox  Read the proposal guidelines. (step 3)

checkbox  Downloaded the “Grant Proposal Form” and answered each question with 1-2 paragraphs. (step 3)

checkbox  Downloaded the “Proposed Budget” template and filled it out with extended narrative on each item (double checked equipment costs do not exceed 10% of total grant and requests for salaries and administrative support do not exceed 20% of the total grant request). (step 3)

checkbox  Gathered supplemental materials required:

checkbox  Reference letter from a pastor, administrator, officer, or the board, council, or presbytery of your congregation, community, or organization indicating support for the proposed initiative (this person needs to be someone other than the project director)

checkbox  Statement of purpose, profile, or vision statement of your church, community, or organization seeking funding

checkbox  Annual budget, showing the budget for worship, of your church, community, or organization

checkbox  W-9, with your EIN (Employer Identification Number). If you are in Canada send verification of your TIN (Tax Identification Number).

checkbox  If you are a religious organization (not an individual church), documentation verifying your tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.

checkbox  Made paper copies of what needs to be sent by mail (see below).

Submit online (closes after January 10, 2018)

Submit Contact and Information Form »

Please note: Be prepared to give contact information on your organization, a tax ID number, grant amount requested, contact information for the project director, the person legally responsible for signing grant contracts, and the budget officer. Please list three, unrelated, people in these roles. At the end of the Contact and Information Form you will upload your completed “Grant Proposal Form” (Word.doc) and “Proposed Budget” (Excel.doc).

After clicking 'Submit' the person you listed as "project director" will receive an email confirmation that it was received.

checkbox  Submitted the Contact and Information Form (including the upload of proposal form and proposed budget)

And send by mail (postmarked by January 10, 2018)

Gather hard copies of the following items and send by mail:

checkbox  Contact and Information Form – 1 copy of the confirmation email received after online submission

checkbox  Grant Proposal Form – 13 copies of word.doc printed out

checkbox  Proposed Budget – 13 copies of excel.doc printed out

* Please print proposal and budget double sided, then staple together in top left corner

checkbox  Reference letter – 2 copies

checkbox  Statement of purpose, profile, or vision statement – 2 copies

checkbox  Annual budget, showing the budget for worship – 2 copies

checkbox  W-9 with EIN (or TIN from Canadians) – 1 copy

checkbox  Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) documentation if you are a religious organization – 2 copies

Send to:

Vital Worship Grants Program
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
1855 Knollcrest Circle SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan  49546-4402

We look forward to receiving your proposal!