Step 3 - Plan and write


Now it’s time to get down to the work of planning and writing your grant proposal! Please use the following important documents and instructions:

  • Identify a Project Director.
    Project Directors of funded projects are required to attend the Vital Worship Grants Colloquium from June 19-21, 2018. Please ensure that the person your team chooses to be the Project Director is available for these dates. The Project Director should keep these dates open.

  • Write a Grant Proposal.

  • Gather Supplemental materials:
    • A reference letter, addressed to the Vital Worship Grants Team, from a pastor, administrator, officer, or the board, council, or presbytery of your congregation, community, or organization indicating support for the proposed initiative (this person needs to be someone other than the project director).
    • A statement of purpose, profile, or vision statement of your church, community, or organization seeking funding.
    • A copy of your annual budget, showing the budget for worship, of your church, community, or organization.
    • A completed W-9. This gives us your EIN (Employer Identification Number).
      • If you are in Canada please send us verification of your TIN (Tax Identification Number).
    • If you are a religious organization (not an individual church), please send documentation verifying your tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.
      • For more information on tax-exemption, refer to this IRS tax guide.


Go to Step 4 – Step 4 includes the Contact & Information Form and other supplemental materials needed to complete the grant application process.