Dordt University, Jeremy Perigo

Sioux Center, Iowa

To investigate emerging issues in liturgical theology through podcast and video interviews with scholars and practitioners, in order to empower local ministry leaders and churches to discern theologically and imagine liturgically the characteristics of Christian worship in their own context.

Researcher(s): Jeremy Perigo 
Academic Discipline:  Liturgical Theology

Project Summary

To create online media resources for the investigation of emerging theological issues in free church worship via edited and curated interviews with scholars and practitioners. 

My research via public media interviews will nurture theological reflection and liturgical dialogue among current and future worship leaders of free-church congregation through an accessible and relevant learning format. 

What questions about worship and your discipline will be guiding your project?

What are the core topics emerging within the field of free-church liturgical theology that are relevant to undergraduate students? 

How does emerging scholarship on free church liturgical theology impact worshipping communities? 

How can recent publications in worship studies become more accessible to undergraduate worship arts students? 

How do you envision this project will strengthen the worship life of congregations?

The new insights and reflections on free church liturgical theology gained by Dordt worship arts students will directly impact their leadership at our weekly worship gatherings (Dordt University Chapel & Praise & Worship). As students engage with new knowledge, they will be enabled to apply this knowledge within our campus worship community and beyond. 

What do you expect might be your greatest challenges (or challenging opportunities)?

I believe increasing the accessibility of academic jargon and nomenclatures will be a substantial challenge. Working with scholars and students to bridge the divide of PhD-level research in worship studies with undergraduate students in worship arts will require much contextual sensitivity. 

Additionally, I believe coordinating schedules for recording and production will be a major challenge. 

What do you hope to learn from the Grants Event and other grant recipients?

I would hope to learn the following: 

  • Creative strategies for sustaining research 
  • Calvin's expectations 
  • Approaches and content from other grant recipients 
  • Ways to continue to fund projects beyond this grant