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Mid-Year Report and Budget

2017 Grants -  Mid-Year Written Report Form »

The form above is required along with a copy of your current budget expenditures. These are due on December 1, 2017. Please email to

Mid-Year Report questions

Answer with one-two brief paragraphs each:

  • What have you accomplished so far in your project?
  • What have you have learned so far?
  • What questions, discussions and theological reflection about the nature of worship are shaping your grant process? (This is a significant area for discussion, and one in which we are especially interested in your thoughts.)
  • What would you have done differently?
  • What items do you need to accomplish yet?
  • How can our team provide more support/encouragement for your project?
  • What did you glean from your attendance at the Grant Development Event in June?
  • List any significant upcoming events of your project, including dates.

Mid-Year Report instructions

This form is to help you and our staff assess the progress of your grant—what you have accomplished, what you are learning, and what you need to accomplish. These reports are helpful to us as we work with the Grant Advisory Board and report on our grant funding to Lilly Endowment Inc.

Process for gathering information for the report  

1.   In whatever way fits the nature of your grant, we ask that you gather 3-5 people who are involved in your project to evaluate your progress on the project. You might ask questions such as: What are we learning about the nature of worship? What new questions are we asking about worship? How has the grant impacted our practice or habits of worship? Refer to the Vital Worship Grants website and the page What is Vital Worship? for additional questions to guide your discussion.

  • In some cases, where projects involve people beyond your congregation, we encourage you to gather for a conversation over lunch, or perhaps a conference call.
  • By encouraging a process that involves more than the project director, we will all have a better sense of the progress of your grant, what changes may need to be made, and what plans you are making for the future.

2.  List the names, roles and emails of the people who participated in the mid-year evaluation process and answer the questions with one-two paragraphs.

3.  Please attach your Approved Grant Budget with an itemized account of your expenses to date as well as any income using the budget template provided by our office. Follow the format of your currently approved budget.  Your budget outline should match the budget attached to the signed letter of agreement, or any subsequently approved revised budget.

Email Mid-Year Report with Budget

Please email the completed Mid-Year Report Form (Word doc) and your Approved Budget (Excel doc) as attachments to  

  • Put your grant number and your organization in the email subject line (i.e. 2017–1 First Church of Anytown).  
  • Please do NOT send pdfs.