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Trevor Rubingh

A graduate of Calvin College and Princeton Seminary, Trevor Rubingh is a leader, social entrepreneur, and teacher who loves inspiring children to develop their God-given capacities. In 1994, Trevor and his wife Linda followed their passion to bring transformation to urban children and found themselves in Jersey City. Trevor’s vision and high-energy leadership style have attracted an incredible team. Together, they created a unique model to bring lasting transformation to the children who inspire them. In 2014, Trevor and Linda moved to Grand Rapids, MI to both launch a new site of New City Kids and create a system for launching future sites. Today, New City Kids has six sites in four cities with 68 adult employees serving over 500 kids each day. Trevor continues to lead the organization as its president and is the recipient of the 2017 Manhattan Institute Social Entrepreneurship Award for his service at New City Kids. In 2014 Trevor & Linda moved to Grand Rapids, MI to launch a new site of New City Kids and continue expanding New City Kids’ impact as they learn how to plant the ministry in new communities.

Last Updated: 10/08/2021

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