Worship Services

Calvin Symposium on Worship: January 30 – February 1, 2014

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Bible commentator Terrence Fretheim asserts that the Book of Exodus does not just follow the Book of Genesis in the Bible—Exodus is actually the sequel to Genesis. Whereas Genesis traced the history of a creation spoiled by sin, Exodus shows God’s earliest moves in restoring that creation back to the glory he desired in the beginning. At the 2014 Symposium on Worship, our main worship services will focus on a number of the stories in Exodus that come after the people pass safely through the Red Sea. Israel passed from death to life after the Red Sea in a kind of anticipation of resurrection newness. Yet as all of us in the Church know yet today, living the resurrected life can still involve struggles and even failures as we again and again put to death the old so the new can keep re-emerging. In these Symposium services we will watch Israel’s initial celebrations give way to wilderness struggles. We will see the gift of God’s Law, but then also a terrible lapse into idolatry. Finally, we will watch the Pentecost-like filling of the Tabernacle with the very glory of God! The Church can trace so much of its own ups and downs, celebrations and setbacks in all this, and yet in the end, there is ever and again that indwelling glory—the glory we now know to be of God’s One and Only Son who has come to us full of grace and truth.

Thursday morning worship services (repeated Thursday evening)

Friday and Saturday morning worship services

Friday night service:  God of Grace and God of Glory: An Exodus Triptych, with participation by a number of conference presenters (Covenant Fine Arts Center)

Saturday afternoon Communion service

  • Exodus 40, Jon Brown preaching, with participation by the conference choir, including Calvin Alumni Choir (Covenant Fine Arts Center)