Worship Theme

Navaho Canyon by Don West (www.donwestfineart.com)

Symposium on Worship  -  January 28–30, 2016  -  Grand Rapids, MI, USA


The Book of Isaiah

Isaiah was given one tough assignment by the Lord God of Israel. Isaiah was commissioned to preach, as all prophets were, but in Isaiah’s case God assured him up front that the better he preached, the less people would listen. The people’s ignoring and even spurning of Isaiah’s sermons would serve as a sign against them that the judgment God was sending was just and altogether warranted. Isaiah’s was a stern message of judgment but scattered throughout even the first half of the book are lyric passages of hope. But then comes the second part of Isaiah where words of encouragement and hope pile up in lovely ways.

At the 2016 Symposium we will use some of those later texts of Isaiah in our worship to remind ourselves that although our God is a God of justice, God is also the font of all grace and hope. It was a comforting message for Israel and is no less a source of unending joy in the New Israel, the Church of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Worship services and preaching texts:  

Thursday morning (repeated in the evening):

  • College Chapel, Mary Hulst preaching on Isaiah 43
  • Covenant Fine Arts Center, Reggie Smith preaching on Isaiah 53

Friday morning (repeated on Saturday morning):

  • College Chapel, Frank Thomas preaching on Isaiah 61
  • Covenant Fine Arts Center, Richard J. Mouw preaching on Isaiah 60

Saturday afternoon communion service

  • Covenant Fine Arts Center, Anne Zaki preaching on Isaiah 65