Art Exhibits


January 26–28, 2017 • Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

The Calvin Symposium on Worship is grateful for the generous participation of the Calvin Center Art Gallery and the Woodlawn Ministry Center who are hosting the following art exhibitions during Symposium.

Images: Nativity with Wisemen, Rudolph Bostic; O Sacred Head, Bruce Herman; Looking at the Birds, Nancy Snooks

Ecce Homo: Behold the Man

Center Art Gallery, Gallery 2

Ecce homo is Latin for “behold the man.” This declaration refers to the presentation of Christ by the Roman ruler, Pontius Pilate, before the Jewish mob as described in John 19. The earliest depictions of the Ecce Homo scene appear in the ninth and tenth centuries in the Syrian-Byzantine art. 15th century artists began to portray a wounded Jesus alone with a focus on the crown of thorns and the purple robe. O Sacred Head, by Symposium presenter Bruce Herman, shows the jarring and ironic crowning as almost too difficult to comprehend. The motif of the lone suffering Christ enables the viewer to identify personally with Christ.

Most Highly Favored: The Life of the Virgin Mary

Center Art Gallery, Gallery 1

The title of the exhibition, drawn from the angel Gabriel’s greeting to Mary in Luke 1:28 and the Basque hymn, Most Highly Favored Lady, sets the tone of the show. Most Highly Favored: The Life of the Virgin Mary reflects the varied understandings of Mary by artists rendered in the visual vocabulary of their times and places. The show is broken into four sections: Mary as Madonna, Mary in the Bible, Mary in Tradition, and Mary around the World, each depicting in visual terms an important aspect of the life of Mary.

At God's Table/En la mesa de Dios

Center Art Gallery, Hallway

View Lord's Supper illustrations by Symposium presenter, Joel Schoon-Tanis, for the children's book, At God’s Table (forthcoming from CICW Books, Calvin College Press). The authors Carrie Steenwyk and John D. Witvliet, with Spanish translator María Cornou, are also Symposium presenters.

Sola Scriptura: Biblical Text and Art

Woodlawn Ministry Center

Sola Scriptura: Biblical Text and Art is a visual testimony of how the Scriptures have compelled artists who cherish the Bible to incorporate its text into their art. The exhibition is comprised of three sections: Translating the Bible, Illuminating the Bible and Picturing the Bible.

Look for visual arts related Symposium workshops lead by Sandra Bowden, Bruce Herman, Makoto Fujimura, Betsy Steele Halstead, Machelle Knochenhauer, and Joel Schoon-Tanis.