Resource Development Specialist for the Middle East

Anne Zaki

Anne Zaki is Resource Development Specialist for the Middle East for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Her responsibilities include teaching and developing networks of pastors, worship scholars, and other partners in the Middle East.

Anne grew up in Cairo, Egypt, in a pastor's home. Since her teen years, she has been involved in various teaching and leading ministries. At age 16 she was selected by the Egyptian Government to represent Egypt in an international school in Western Canada dedicated to peace and international understanding worldwide. Two years later Anne came to Calvin College seeking a liberal arts Christian education to help her integrate her Christian faith and her social justice convictions.

Her areas of interests include travel and learning about the different cultural influences on the church worldwide, creating new ministries, mentoring youth, and administration. Her husband is Naji Umran.  They are the parents of four sons, Jonathan, Sebastian, Emmanuel, and Alexander.

Anne received her Bachelors degree from Calvin College in Psychology and Sociology in 1999, and her Masters degree from The American University in Cairo in the field of Social Psychology in 2002, and her Master's of Divinity from Calvin Theological Seminary in 2009.

Last Updated: 09/15/2010

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